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Bold & Beautiful

Alright, so you're licensed and legal. The boring (but totally necessary) stuff is done! What's next though? CREATE YOUR BRAND.

But how do I come up with a name? A website? What comes after that? Ah!

Let's start with the simple basic of choosing a name. I spent a good amount of time on this (actually a few months), because I really wanted to create something that I thought not only reflected who I was as a person, but also didn't exist yet. You guys, utilize the simple tools you have around you (ahem, Google)! The more work, and heart you put into what you're creating, the more beautiful it will be! Get excited about it too, you're creating something that is literally all yours. It's awesome. Be proud of it. Own it, and own it well.

I had this run-of-the-mill-normal-Target-purchased-notepad that became a bit of an art project if we're going to be completely honest. One of the perks of being an incessantly creative person, is that my thoughts seem to also take their own creative path. AKA, they're not always the most organized. We're all works in progress, right?

So, this notepad, however disorganized, has shaped many aspects of my business thus far. I wrote down ANYTHING that i thought would create a unique, reflective name for my business. There were definitely some doozys on there, but all of it was progress, and that was what matters. I also utilized a thesaurus to find any and all versions of words like "boho" or "hippie" or "undone." And low and behold, came up with Urban Indigo Hair. After I created this name I Googled it to make sure that it didn't exist yet and, much to my surprise, it didn't. Seriously, such a small but exciting moment. I had a name for what would be my first ever business. Dope, so dope.

After the name was created, the logo and true branding really started. I have always been a relatively decisive person, and I had a strong hold on the image I wanted to create before I actaully created it. Remember that note pad? Yeah, this is one of those times that the chaos pays off.

If you're struggling with the esthetics of your logo, or you're unsure, reach out to friends/clients/family. Again, utilize those tools that are around you! If you just cant get there you can try a website like Canva, which allows you to still create your own logo, but with a little help, or you can hire someone else to do it. Remember though, no one knows your dreams like you do! If you have created something you love, trust yourself! You've got this!

I've always compared getting your logo down to getting your wedding dress. For me, when I got married, the moment I found "the one," everything else sort of just fell into place. Everything was so much easier once that center piece had been taken care of. After the logo, comes the EVEN MORE EXCITING, website.

Okay, if you took the time to click on the Urban Indigo Hair link up top, you've seen my website. I used Wix, and I cannot rave enough about how awesome it was/is. I paid around $100 for my website domain, and paid a little extra for some SEO (search engine optomization) that they offer. I am VERY new to SEO, and Wix offers a very easy way to incorporate it into your site. Scouts honor, follow their lead.

You have the ability to choose from a multitude of layouts, and you can edit as you go. Allow yourself time to do this, and make sure that this baby is up and running before you are out on your own. I might sound a bit old school on this one, but a professional looking website is going to make your business look more serious. Even if you take the time to make it, and you never update it, its still there. I will tell you from my experience, I have had A LOT of traffic on my website and have gained quite a few clients from it. You won't regret it.

Having a website allows you the opportunity to provide the "feel" of your brand. You'll be able to showcase so much of your actual work on social media sites, but this will create an overall look that will drive the right clients into your chair.

Spend some time looking at salon websites to see what catches your attention and what turns you off. For me, websites that were super "busy" were overwhelming and confusing. The moment I saw clutter I was onto another salon. So, I followed suit, and kept my website as clean and as simple as possible. I'm not even gonna lie, I kind of love my own site.

After your website is done, I would float onto your social media pages, and get your name and accounts set up there. This is a way for you to communicate all of your fun new changes (WEBSSSIIITTTEEEE) to your already existing clientele. One more step closer to running a super successful salon suite. GET IT, YOU!

All the love,


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